What would you do? (Forum Game)


Hello Players,
Welcome to another forum game (wow I’m making another). This game is called: What would you do? Basically I’m going to start with an scenario, then someone will reply what they would do. That person will then say a new scenario.

Any inappropriate scenarios will be deleted. Have fun!

First Scenario: What would you do if Donald trump tweeted; I love you.

~ Senior Moderator PigMatt


Personally I wouldn’t respond. I probably wouldn’t even see it, but even if I did I wouldn’t.

Next one: what would you do if you suddenly woke up invisible?


i would probably break some laws
next one: what would you do if you had a trillion dollars?


• By lots of candy and McDonald’s
• Donate to charitys
• Get a big gaming pc
• idk what ever I wanted

Next one: a bus is 1 meter away from hitting you and your in the middle of the road


i would either stand there or move really depends on the speed of the bus and my mood.

next one: you become youtube famous what would you do?


Probably spread a bunch of positive vibes, keep doing the things I love, etc.

You get accused of murdering your best friend, but you’re innocent. How do you respond?


I gather an alibi it wasn’t me and get witnesses to testify I was somewhere else that night.
Next one: What would you do if you found and empty, unlocked Corvette?


sell it on ebay

what would you do if you get co owner on here?