Three Bugs

Bug one

So this bug is for the style tag(<style>) in html.
So if you dont know what the style tag is for, its for styling a page with css.
The way you reproduce the bug is creating a new post and having the contense be

h1 {
color: green;

So what should show up is this:
But it shows up like this:

h1 { color: green; }


Bug Two

This bug is for javascript.
How to reproduce the bug: create a new thread and put in


<button onclick="f()">Alert box</button>

function f() {
    alert("I am an alert box!");


What should show up is this:
When pressed:
45%20PM (depends on your web browser on what the alert box looks like)
What shows up:

Alert box

Bug Three

This bug is for the faq section, For the section Our Admins it shows pigmatt who is a sr mod at the time of posting, Gigabyte as a moderator who is a dev, Materializing as a Mod who is a admin, and so on.

Bug Four

randomly found this one, could be going crazy but i went to it with 3 different web browsers. So this page(Comet_tango's Introduction) doesnt have the little blue scrolly thing

Bug Five

The categories arent color coded


Bug 1:
That’s just a formatting bug, I do believe it would work otherwise.
Bug 2: Dont believe it works with Java Script.
Bug 3: Website admins. Their rank is shown next to their name. PigMatt has that role at this time as he has contributed to the set up of the website, it does not mean their actual rank - it’s just how the software organises it.
Bug 4: I can’t quite understand what you mean it works for me
Bug 5: I’m not sure this matters





Ok I’ll look into bug 1 when I get time


Sorry that his has been neglected. This isn’t really a big issue cause we have a new forums being developed (Annouced in Discord). Have a nice day

[yes I’m aware I’m nicroposting shh]

Locking this because resolved and to pervent post farming.


closed #6


it’s him making them you idiot