TheFoodie's Introduction


I’ve recently been accepted as trial mod and would like to introduce myself to everyone. So I’m better known as TheFoodie but my real name is James and I’m 13 years old. My favourite food is Chili con carne and cake. I hate insects (they freak me out so much). I don’t really have a favourite movie I just love loads of them but I do quite like horror/thriller movies. Nothing like a creepy movie at night with popcorn.

Im really excited to meet everyone and play on the server with you guys (when it’s out). If you ever want to talk feel free to dm me or tag me in the discord. That was my (kind of late) introduction so I hope you all have fun!


Hi foodie!

What a nice introduction. Can’t wait to work with you more and more as the time goes on. Good luck when your evaluation day comes along.

~ PigMatt


Welcome to the forums and congrats on trial mod! I hope you enjoy your time in the garden


Heya James! Can’t wait to have you on the team. I expect you’ll do great things for the server.
Thanks for introducing yourself!


I also now hate insects after being stung by one :angry:

Anyway, welcome to the team James! Look forward to seeing you around.


Congrats on trial!