Suggestion One

So on most forums you can tell if a user is online by like a blue dot on their pfp or something like that, it would be a great feature if we could see that on here!

Suggestion Two

Another feature on most forums and was on the old forums was the ability to post on peoples profiles/wall.

Suggestion Three

There should be a dedicated Channel/Subforum for suggestions.


Firstly, thanks for not farming posts and making these all one thread.

Suggestion 1 - I fell like a green dot would be nice if the user was online. This would help players know what staff are on in case of a bot etc +1

Suggestion 2 - I like posting on profiles on forums but I don’t know if it’s possible with the current host +1

Suggestion 3 - Totally forgot about it when I was talking to flappy about the catagorys and making them. Added.


I +1 all of these, though the last one was added (thanks Matt)
I’m new to Discourse, but I’ll see if I can figure it out soon and see if I can add any of them/talk with Flappy about it.


I’ll look into two especially, one might be more complicated. I’ll have a look though.


possibility for number one:


I like these ideas xD


That’ll work, I’ll get it installed. Thanks.


Added. Nice little glow around names when user is online. List is also on main page.
Thanks for suggesting.


For number two, because Discourse doesn’t have the same user profile page interaction as other sites, such as Nameless & XenForo, we don’t have the ability to build a wall onto the page… however, I’ll ask around on the meta forums and see if anyone has a way of changing it so this is the case… however, it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon.


As confirmed by Discourse co-founder, there will not be a wall feature.