Suggestions [1]


1: move the person is replying to the left.
reason for it:

the expand button and the 3 dots are close together.
2: probably will never be implemented but user created custom themes would be great


(A normall opinion =w=)
Meh, too complicated for me, but good idea i guess?


The first one I don’t know how it would happen, would have to ask flappy who is currently away. Not really needed if you think about it. I like it where it is atm -1

The second one could be amazing! +1

Thanks for posting your ideas!


expand more on “user created custom themes”


It’s like the dark/light themes, but a user would design it themselves and use it. I think it’s unnecessary tbh, the forums look perfectly fine to me.

As for the suggestion, I think having it on the bottom is fine. It looks nice to me. -1






The dark theme isn’t necessary and wouldn’t be a priority but I do quite like it. If it’s possible easily +1.


Dark theme is already a thing, the suggestion is for something different