Suggestion related to staff roles


hello! i have an idea so i thought i would post it here :slight_smile:
i think @FlappyPenguin100 should make a role called staff on the discord and give it to all staff or put the staff role name in the role, [eg. Raven // Admin] because people might not know whos staff or because of the custom roles being animals to [like bee]

plz do one bye


-1 you can see all the staff roles and what the equal to on the groups page on the forums.


As well as this, our SrMod Pigmatt made a list of all the staff roles. They’ll be shown below. Hope this helps.

TheGardenMC Staff Roles:
Trial Moderator Mouse
Moderator Squirrel
Senior Moderator Rabbit
Administrator Raven
Manager Fox
Developer Developer
Owner Rose and Puffin

The whole point of having these as animals is the theme of “Garden” - it would defeat the purpose of we just had “Staff”. -1


after seeing these replys i dont even want it anymore. I fell like that chart should be more known tho [good job pigmatt] can this be locked please?


Locked upon request.

edit: this suggestion has been added.

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