Reblxtemp3r’s Intro


Hey, I’m Reblxtemp3r and I’ve just been promoted to the Trial Mod position.
Some things about me:
I prefer being called Josh over anything.
I’m currently in Year 9 taking Geography, Computer Science, French and RE as my GCSE options. I’m from the UK and I’m not a very outdoorsy person. My favourite colour combinations are red and teal together. I’m not sure what else to add but I like playing fortnite and I stream it on my YouTube channel.
I hope you all have a nice day,


Hello Josh! I can’t wait to work with you. Good luck on your trial, and thank you for introducing yourself!



Congratulations on trial, can’t wait to work with you in the weeks to come.

Eww fortnite lol

~ PigMatt


Hey, welcome to the team! I’m looking forward to working more with you in the future so um good luck with your trial!