PigMatts Introduction


Hello TheGardenMC Players!

You may or may not know me but my name is PigMatt, well its really Matthew. I am a senior moderator on TheGardenMC and my goal to upgrade the players experience and help players when i can. If you don’t know me or want to know a little bit about me continue reading were i will share some facts about me. I am a boy, and I am from Canada. I am shy and sometimes over react. I think i am bad a everything. My favourite movie at the time of writing this is The Greatest Showman.

fell free to message me any of your questions, I am happy to help! :pig:

  • PigMatt


you where demoted? i thought you where a sr mod.


Haha! Wrote this afew Days ago when I was bored before I was promoted, fixed!


Heya Matt, looking forward to working with you on Garden. ^^


Sheep are better then pigs in my opinion. c: