[Pigmatts idea] Christmas story!


Same rules as pigmatt, but in case you didn’t see the old thread, then here’s an example:
Person 1: Santa flew across the sky
person 2: But his sleigh crashed
person 3: So he had to walk all of the way

But i have my own additional rules: Please don’t put user 1: ect At the start of your post, it confuses people. Please don’t do anything about death, it ended the last one early
Okay, I will start

On christmas day, it snowed very hard


But the eu had banned Christmas


I start selling tea that has poison in it claiming that the tea will bring back Santa


You then get copyrighted, my patented poisoned tea is mine only


So Santa grants the wish of no copyright on this world


(Hey the tea worked)


Santa is in prison for breaking into people’s houses can’t grant wishes in jail


Santa’s elves get arrested while they try to break out santa from prisons


Christmas is ruined so the grinch retires


he goes on a vacation in the Bahamas


But then rudolph kidnapps the grinch


then rudolph gets arrested for kidnapping the grinch


Everybody is arrested, apart from teh other reindeer and the grinch. Will they form an alliance?


yes, they do and they break all them out from jail


Christmas is saved!!!


The. End.


This is going to be locked

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