New feature - PWARPS


So in a new update, we added /pwarp! Pwarps (also known as player warps) is a system of our players (you) setting warps which anybody can teleport to. Here it allows you to show off your builds, create shops and express your creativity. You can also rate pwarps by liking and disliking them, to higher their position on the gui!

Pwarps will cost you $10,000, and you can set only 1. You can buy additional pwarps on our store ( !
So this is how to use them!

To start, simply type /pwarp. This will bring you up a gui!

To teleport to another persons pwarp, click on their head icon!
It will bring up this gui!

The above icon shows the information. This shows the owner, likes/dislikes and visits.

The above enderpearl is what you would click to teleport to that players warp. It takes 3 seconds to teleport!
The other two icons to the right is what you would click to vote like or dislike.
It is not against the rules for you to set pwarps on your alts, however dont log on with more than 3 alts or you will be ipbanned for alt limit !

To edit your own pwarp, simply click the house on the main pwarp gui screen

Here you can customize your own warp!
So, there you have it. You’re ready to start your own warp!
Administration team,