Music channels


First, i do not know if you have more than one music bot, but all I know is that people normally use the Rythm bot for music. I realised that you only have 1 music channel for the whole server. The problem here is that say if subject1 liked rock music but subject2 likes nightcore, they might fight over which songs to put on, and some people (Who do not have bloody rrespect) skip songs without permission. This leads to fights from experience in another server. If there were 2 music bots in the server with 1 channel each for them, then people could have their own music. Idk if their are bots who do music allready, but i’m not sure if 2 bots can be on the same channel. If this is allready sorted and there is no need for this, lock it. Thank you!


We currently have both Rythm for music and TypicalBot.

I fell like more then 1 music channel would get confusing. Tho I agree people might not have any respect and skip songs, I believe they would get warned and if it continues punished.

I think maybe an always playing playlist like the skycade discord would be cool so there isn’t all the skipping stuff.

If someone is skipping your songs or others and being disrespectful, Report them on the forums.


you see, the playlist is the problemo.
Some people may want to add something that sombody else doesn’t
Also, trust me, 2 music channels can’t get to confusing
If sombody skips without authorisasion (I think i spelled it right) i shall report it on forums


Without the use of DJ role (which only staff have) you cannot skip a song when 2+ people are in the music channel with the bot


It’s unnecessary for us to add another music bot just so people don’t have to wait for their song. You could make your own discord and listen to your own songs there, or use Spotify.