Lets Make a Christmas Story! [Forums Game]


Basically, what I am going for here is a thread where every person contributes a tiny bit of a story, A Christmas related story (it doesn’t have to be christmas themed, it would be nice tho. Fell free to reply even tho if you don’t celebrate Christmas) Each person who wants to will reply too the person above with an addition too the story, with a different post, put as much as you want in each reply its your choice, please keep it appropriate and that should be the basics.

User1: upon a time on christmas eve, PigMatt was flying in the hub when…
User2:A hacker came on and then…
User3:They used there killaura and killed everyone in the lobby server!
User4:All the kids were sad

The story will end when i think it should end, in the reply were i end the story, i will include a google doc link to the whole story.

[the first person to replys starts btw, i don’t]

~ PigMatt




user 1: Santa fell down a chimney that had a lit fire and he died from burns


User 2: no one got their presents


user 1: but wait? Does santa exist?


User 2: Only if you drink my special tea


But it turns out he wasn’t dead and just unconscious, he painfully got up and…

Had to keep the thread going a bit longer :grin:


User 3: But wait, is that a blue suit?


user 1: then all of the kids drink the special tea to find its poison killing half the population



User 2: everyone got death for Christmas


The end!


Only pigmatt can end it


dang it

user 1: Random parents decide to become santa to have their kids be happy!


But their kids are dead


true so i guess we sort of killed the thread. F


Thanks for participating. Story ended.

Link > >


It was such a optimistic story!

Locked post as the story ended

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