Laike//Materializing’s introduction


Heya everyone! You may or may not know me. I’m Materializing in game, but you can call me Laike. I’m an Administrator on TheGardenMC and am super excited to be working here.
Some things about me:
I’m thirteen, live in Seattle, Washington, and while the active users are reading this, I’m probably taking a test to determine which High School I’m getting into.
Favourite colour: None, they’re all nice in their own ways
Favourite game: Er, duh, Minecraft
Favourite movie: Interstellar, I love the science and careful thinking that went into it. Besides Interstellar though, I’d probably have to say Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
Favourite book: The Science of Interstellar (What? I’m obsessed. I know.)
Favourite series: Warriors (and has been for a while now…)
Some of my favourite passtimes include: Reading, Writing, Drawing (logo coming soon ahah), Singing, playing the piano, composing music/writing songs, etc. I like a lot of things…
One special talent: I can do the Rubik’s cube I guess xD

I hope this answered a few questions about me and/or helped you to get to know me. Feel free to ask me anything, on the thread or in discord PMs (Materializing#2383). Thanks for reading!


I need help doing my Rubik Cube please :slight_smile: I think it’s broken, tryed off and on for 3 years I think. Any tips?

Also, happy to be working with you!


Well, there’s an algorithm you have to follow to solve it. There are many algorithms, but just choose the most basic one that seems the easiest to memorize. Once you’ve memorized it it’s not that hard ^^


Looking forward to working with ya