I got bored so i made this


steal any ones pfp on here https://github.com/justnaa/Garden-mc-pfp-stealer/blob/master/steal.py

What it is:
simple python script to write out the url for the users avatar. each user pfp has the url of https://thegardenmc.uk/user_avatar/thegardenmc.uk/[user]/120/4_1.png and when you change [user] to the name of the user such as 5qy you get the pfp of that user.

How to download it:
get python if you dont have it, download the file here. then run it. or emulate it here


Quality stuff! Pretty cool :stuck_out_tongue: although I like my profile photo hehe


That’s quite cool!

Nice seeing active members of the community spending time on creations like this.

Amazing work!


thanks, i would love to make a way to steal peoples backgrounds when you click on peoples avatar but i dont know how to do it with python but i know how you can do it without python.