Guide - Creating your Introduction


Tips to introducing yourself
Hello! If you are new to the forums or server and you want to introduce yourself but don’t know how this is the thread for you. Always remember these are just tips, it’s your thread make it how you like!!

  • Using good grammar and being unique is good way to make your thread stand out
  • Make your first impression a good impression.
  • Make sure your thread does not break any rules

The Beginning: You what to start off your thread introducing your name, any nicknames and maybe where your from (eg. Hello! I’m PigMatt well actually Matthew a Canadian boy.)

The thread: You want people to know a bit about you however remember to not go to far and don’t say anything your not comfortable saying. Something you might want to share are listed below;

  • Your favourite book or movie;
  • Your favourite color;
  • Share some of your talents;
  • Your favourite TV show;
  • Your favourite quote;
  • Your Biggest pet-peeve;
  • Share some of your hobbies;
  • What you like most about the server.

Concluding: make sure you end of in a nice way, saying something like thanks for reading, i can’t wait to see you on the server soon! - PigMatt is a nice and simple way to end off your intro. Make sure not to be rude as your first impression matters. (eg. Thanks for reading! Can’t wait to see you all on the server. Have a nice day. Regards, PigMatt

Hope you found this helpful when making your introduction.

Written and maintenance by PigMatt.

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