GardenMC ~ Build Competition #1


Hello Frens! I am pleased to announced, @PigMatt and @5QY are hosting the first ever GardenMC build competition.

For this competition, there is no theme! You can build anything you want as long as it applys with our rules. You can build your build on any of our servers. Please set a home at your build and tell us the name of your home or the cords of your build so we can find it.

To enter your build simply, reply to THIS thread with a screenshot or video your build, your IGN, anyone who helped, the cords + server or your home name + server so we can TP to judge it, and (if you want) why you built what you built. Deciding screenshot or video will NOT affect your chances as we will TP to see it. An example is below:

Example (Left Click)

IGN: PigMatt (Helpers: EasyKnockback)
Why I Built What I Built: i built a dirt house because I need a place for my chickens
Cords/Home Name + Server: home name is pogm4tt on SMP
My Build: add screenshot/video here

You MUST submit your build by: Friday, March 1st, 2019.

Everyone who enters get $1000 on SMP (as long as your build does’t break the rules)


  • Submitting a inappropriate build is not allowed and will result in a network ban for 14d.
  • Do not steal builds or use schematics, this will result in being blacklisted from winning all future build competitions on this server.
  • Must be built on

The winners will be announced on a follow up thread by me, once that thread is posted this thread will be locked. Helpers of winners will receive half the amount of keys the winner gets.
1st Place Prize: 25 Keys
2rd Place Prize 5 Keys

Please don’t hesitate to reply or DM me any questions you have.

Good luck and have fun,
~ PigMatt + Ryan