Forum Rules


These are the forum rules;

  • Be respectful
  • Do not necropost (posting on 2week+ old dead threads
  • Do not advertise/post your own content unless its GardenMC related
  • Dont spam tag (it notifies the user you are tagging)
  • No swearing/racist/homephobic/rude language
  • Dont post farm (posting useless threads, same thread over and over)
  • Do not spam staff. They have lives. Simply message them and they will get back to you
  • Dont ban evade
  • There is an edit option, dont triple post
  • Never farm likes
  • Never spam likes
    Like all of our networks, if you disobay these rules, or just simply dont use common sence (ie, if there is a rule thats not going to be allowed thats not up here, doesnt mean you can say it (contact a staff if you are unsure))then you will be given a warning point. 2 warning points in a month is a 30d ban, 3 warning points in 2 months is perm ban, and 5 warning points overall is perm ban (if not banned already)