EvilDunk's Introduction



I’m EvilDunk (or Evil or Dunk or formally Duncan) I’m an admin and developer here on TheGarden MC. I work as more of a system administrator than a developer (although I’m working on my own plugins as we speak). Should the server, website, or discord break, day or night, I’ll be on the case to get things working again.

Age: 14
Grade: 8th
Favorite color: Aqua
Favorite food: Pizza
Hobbies: Coding, Video Games, Violin, Roller Skating.

Ever bored, have a concern/question, or just need someone to talk to? Just send me a message! If I’m not busy I will always be willing to talk!


Ooo you did yours fancy. Should i do mine that fancy?! :joy:


Heya Evil! I look forward to working with you on TheGardenMC. ^^


@5QY no because your not fence and it would make you look you were fancy and that would be lieing



Demoted :frowning: :joy:jk lol. And this stupid 20 words cap is crap us owners should be removed help me


its so easy to bypass all you need to do is type in

<p>[Insert your less than 20 word post here!]</p>


Very fancily laid out intro. Another great introduction, looking forward to working more with you!!