Denied| Muted


Discord username: GodOfTea
Date of muted: 15/12/18
Server muted from: Discord
Time of mute: 18:20
Who muted you: Selena
Reason why muted: disrespecting staff twice and innap language
Why we should unmute you: the second dis was meant as a joke even though I did swear but I feel being muted for a hardly offencive statement, but the first one was quite offencive and probably hurt his feelings and I have apologised to him in dms by so I would like to say everyone else I’ve offended on the server up until now.


I have looked at the evidence and you have very clearly disrespected a staff member and you have said sorry but you still need to have a punishment.
Denied, Appeal again in 2 weeks for a possible reduce or unmute!

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