Denied - Muted for copy and paste


Discord username: :crocodile:WeeklyCroc​:crocodile:#0798

Date of mute:

Server banned from:

Time of mute:
not sure

Who banned you:
Not sure

Reason why Muted: for posting a text image and it said nothing in the rules about it
Why we should Unmute you
As nothing is in the rules saying that copy and pasting text images was in result of a mute

It says about spam but I only posted it once and didn’t spam it
(don’t act bais just because of the things I posted before)
I have been on this server for about 3 months and am very inactive on it but like to do silly roleplay when I am active… Only one person enjoys it too and that’s 5QY


The mute will expire in 25m. Wait it out
Please be more careful in the future! DM me for reasoning/questions. Sorry

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