Cookies intro


Well yes this is the same as the Skycade one

Before we start this took me 2 hours after accidentally deleting it twice. Yup it was midnight before I gave up
so what am I doing with my life

So I have been playing Skycade since August 2018 and I feel like now is the right time to fully introduce myself so you can see who is really behind that computer screen

  1. Where do I live?

I live in an isolated place in the south east of England (yes I live in England but I am not from London, deal with it) I live around 35 minutes from the nearest town so getting everywhere takes a while

  1. Background

My name is Luca, I am fourteen years old (year 9) in school I am quite an introvert but outside in the real world away from torture (school) I am more extroverted and crazy.

  1. What are my hobbies

Well i play fro a rugby club once a week but my main hobby is swimming (national champion here from 2016 before the age groups were changed) it generally takes up lots of my free time meaning that I cannot be online as much as most people can during school weeks

  1. How did I get my name

The story begins with me sitting at my table thinking about what my IGN could be, so I looked across the room and I saw some cookies, so that was half way there. Then I was thinking of a fancy word I could use, which was ballistic (meaning going crazy and angry/rage) and i don’t know why I put a 3 at the end. So there was ibalisticookie3. A few years later I realised I misspelt ballistic so I changed that and got rid of the 3 at the end making my IGN ballisticookie. Around a month ago people started associating my IGN with iballisticsquid, which wasn’t the intention, so I went brainstorming ideas and it came out with WackyCookie (with wacky meaning funny and amusing in an odd / peculiar way)

  1. Who is the best pig?

At this point this isn’t even a question. It is obviously Pigmatt. You cannot get better than him with his amazing skin and friendliness. Perfection

6.Favourite food?

Pizza obviously and I need to just get it out there that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza. Fruit just doesn’t go on pizza. Are you going to put an orange or an apple on there next sigh


Welcome to the server!



Nice introduction, cookie. I hope you enjoy GardenMC. Yep i agree, i am the best pig! haha.

~ Pig