upon a time on christmas eve santa cam over my house and-


Ate all my milk and cookies, then stole my carrots!! At least he left some cool presents behind. Smh Santa.


Santa has been arrested for countless robberies - we caught him stuffing himself down a chimney but his belly was too fat to escape us.


the elves try to break him out


They sneak past the guards and manage to break him out of his cell, but then Santa sees a plate of cookies! He can’t resist and makes a dash for them. The guards are alerted, but Santa makes a final break for freedom and makes it to his sledge in time.


he runs into gotham city and runs into batman. Batman feeling nice lets him run away but only if he promises to ship the presents to the kids and he stops breaking into houses


And then they meeting thanos who was hiding in a chimney with a santa costume on


but then santa and batman start fading away… and spider man says Mr Stark i dont feel so good.


And then santa snapped his fingers and the other half of the universe died


well then i think we effectively killed everything.


Yup locking again

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Story ended when Materializing locked the thread