Bug [1]


trying out keyboard short cuts when i found one for print(control+p) when doing control+p it brings to a website with the url of thegardenmc.uk/t/[thread]/[#]/print (the # and thread will be different for you) so because i have popups blocked and i didnt notice the popup alert i spam control+p and when i finaly notice it i allow the popups three tabs open with the url of Would You Hug The Avatar Above You? [Forum Game] i close 2 of the tabs look at it and look at it. i refresh it and get this https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/467416840709210124/510587556644126750/Screen_Shot_2018-11-09_at_5.52.25_PM.png
video on reproducing the bug https://youtu.be/pXTOCdgmAjk


This is just an error message from you spamming the command too much. Even if it isn’t, I doubt this is an issue that a lot of users will experience/that we need to prioritize.
For now I’ll lock this, if it turns out I’m mistaken a staff will correct.

closed #3