Ben's Introduction


Hi All,
My name is FlappyPenguin100 or Ben. Glad to welcome you to the server.

This project was originally started by me and @Rosemary - we wanted to try and make a slightly different experience for our staff and players.
So we started out, making forums, building a discord community etc, and I feel like we’re starting to progress! I’m proud of what we have started, and I’m proud to say I contributed to bringing the community to what it is today.

Now, a bit about myself.

My name is Ben, and I live in the UK.
I volunteer at a local library.
I work with @Rosemary and @5QY as well as my wonderful staff team to bring you this server.

  • Fav Film: Trynna work this out, not too sure :joy:
  • Favourite TV Series: Death In Paradise
  • Favourite TV Show: ???
  • Favourite Social Media App: Snapchat & Twitter are both equally good!
  • Favourite Admin: They’re all good :joy:

If you want to know anything else or just genuinely get to know me, my DMs are open (unless you spam them, @Bosh) or forum PMs!

~ Ben


Heya Ben! Looking forward to working with you. Glad to get to know you a tad bit better!

Aw cmon we all know I’m your favourite Admin


you forgot to mention your favorite senior moderator me smh

nice introduction tho, good effort!


Hard to have a favourite when there’s only one lmao


Thats my point :slight_smile: im also his least fav


You’re one of my fav :stuck_out_tongue:


Henlo bean how do you have a fav tv series but not show :joy::joy: surely they would be the same