Another christmas story


Peeta forces peta to have a fight to the death recreating hunger games. (Wait if peta throws penguins, foxes and cats doesnt that mean their going against what they stand for)


In the end Peeta can’t face the might of Petas animals and falls. (They’re willingly thrown @nosuchthingj)


a group of rebels secretly meet up. Peta doesnt know about it. At the meeting the rebels discus their plan of action which is:


Giving up. They walk to Petas base and wave a white flag of surrender.


peta lets them in and they get arrested for war crimes. At the jail they implode a fusion bomb that they some how brought a long and survived some how.


Peeta makes it out and wins and Peta falls. But maybe peta isn’t completely gone…
The End for now!


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