Another christmas story


Instead of fighting humans they decide to all become santas.


Then christmas was saved!


Until the fire nation attacked.


the fire nation broke fire and hell to the world. all hope was lost


and then from the ruins of the world arose a hero that will save humanity from extinction:


Gollum saves them. The best Lord of the Rings character. He uses his precious to control the fire nation in middle earth :>


But then everything from lord of the rings disappears because I’ve never seen or read it and I don’t know anything about it


laike is pushed out of the thread because they havent spent the time to watch lord of the rings. (the first movie is on netflix.)


no pls (I don’t have netflix)
Nah but seriously, the hero that emerges is none other than Poseidon himself


Poseidon after emerging gets struck down by Zeus


But Zeus hit the water so he electrified all the fish who then became 20x larger than their original sizes


the fish get killed by humans and then PETA freaks out


peta take over the government


Rebels fight against the might force of peta


But they are not strong enough.


Peta defeats them all with animal power and take over the world to make it animal friendly.


But, there are always rebels, and one of the biggest groups of them is called “Peeta”
(This is completely not a Christmas story now xD)


Don’t worry Laike, I’ll get it back on track

Christmas 2200 Peta is beginning to struggle, but the Christmas spirit helps both Peeta and peta through their struggles. On the 25th they call a temporary truce to have Christmas dinner together.


peta gets taken down by Peeta according to the bot 31%20PM peeta fights hard and they win like the battle of helms deep in lord of the rings


The final battle lasts 7 hours and they use all kinds of weapons: Peta throws penguins, foxes and cats while Peeta throws the miniaturised Hunger games dome. In the end Peeta has peta trapped in the dome.