Another christmas story


same thing as every other one but this time dont kill every one or anything till like the 10th post. kthnx bye


santa died
I’m kidding here’s the real start
Someone found a squirrel wearing a Christmas hat


a young boy then finds the squirrel


He takes it home and keeps it but discovers it has laser vision


he then takes it to school and hides it under his desk for company.


but it goes crazy and burns through the ground of the school


Luckily most make it out alive. Unfortunately the Squirrel didn’t…


The squirrel had fatal brain damage but after 5 surgeries it survived


Squirrel and boy get reunited once more!


As time passes the boy and the squirrel fall in love


But the squirrel he likes doesn’t like him


the boy gets rejected and dies. Turns out that kid was going to become santa one day but because he dies santa doesnt exist


Squirrels have now taken over Santa’s job, and it turns out they’re able to do the job silently and effectively and much easier than humans.


Everyone has their presents and everything is good in the world.

until animal control shows up.


They take away all the squirrels but one - the squirrel with laser vision.
The squirrel falls into a dark depression


the squirrel know it has to do something so it breaks out all the fellow squirrels


They go on a rampage. It’s like, freaking Planet of the Squirrels out there.


accidentally killing some of their own


But not too many


they regroup and consider their options