Amber's Introduction



Im Amber,(most people call me Pooks) I’m a Trial-Moderator here,and I cant wait to see new members and help out,I have been playing minecraft since maybe around 2013-2014,so I know much about minecraft and what it has to offer.

Here’s a few things about me…

Favorite food:Chicken,shrimp Alfredo,wings.

Favorite Drink:Dr.pepper.

Favorite color: Aqua.

Biggest pet-peeve: When people start drama.

Age:13 (14 in 9 days)

Fears: Spiders,Snakes.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND:I always listen, Addict is like my twin because we have alot in common (as u may tell), when it comes to drama I tend to get irritated really fast,I have anger issues but I can control it,I have a great personality, (I type really fast so be prepared for many many mistakes),Other then that I hope to meet more people and get to know everyone more and become friends with everyone.

Thank you for reading my Introduction, if u want/need to know more about me just let me know and I will be glad to tell you, Have a great day!.


Hey Amber! Nice introduction. Thanks for introducing yourself to us, it’s really useful to know a bit more about you!
Can’t wait to work with you. ^-^


Looking forward to working with you amber! Great introduction :+1:


Hey Amber!

Welcome to the team. I also hate when people start drama. Can’t wait to work with you more in the weeks to come as your mentor!

~ PigMatt