43xD’s introduction!


My name is George but I am known as Hitthetarget55 or 43xD or _itzgeorge. I am living in England.
Your favourite book or movie; Most Horror films!
Your favourite color; Red
Share some of your talents; I am good on computers and I am very smart On computers!
Your favourite TV show; Don’t watch tv too much
Your favourite quote; xD (obviously)
Your Biggest pet-peeve; when people spam when I tell them to stop!
Share some of your hobbies; I play mc and PS4 a lot!
What you like most about the server. The community and staff team! It is so nice and so friendly! If there is any questions, feel free to ask! :smiley:


Great intro! I’m looking forward to mentoring you and working together in future!


welcome to the forums and the staff team! Congrats!


Hello 43xD! I can’t wait to be working with you. Good luck on your trial!


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